Mission & Vision

In Matthew 28:19, Jesus leaves a message for every believer. It's summed up in two simple words:

Share Jesus

It's up to all of us to make sure the Gospel reaches every nation. That's why we're here. Global Media Outreach exists to share Jesus online, grow people in faith and connect them to Christian communities.

Technology reaches into countries where missionaries can't go and helps new believers grow in places where a mention of the name of Jesus can lead to death. Volunteers, apps, social media, a secure response system, and online advertising come together as a new model to share Jesus with every person on Earth.


For billions of people, this is their reality. They don't know Jesus. And many have never heard his name.

Our vision is to see a world where everyone has been given the opportunity to know Jesus.

Today thousands of volunteer Online Missionaries personally connect with people from every country of the world, but the fuel in their tank is you. Online Missionaries wouldn't have anyone to connect with if generous people like you weren't sharing Jesus.


For every dime you give, one person sees the Gospel. In other words, every dollar you give shares Jesus with 10 people.

Vision Coming to Life

See the vision becoming a reality at Great Commission. Then, take a look at some of the tools people use to learn about Jesus.

Watch now as people from around the world see the Gospel, learn about Jesus and accept Christ.

Providing weekly devotionals and lessons to help everyone grow in their faith. Available in English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, RussianChinese, Arabic, Indonesian and Hindi.

A free app that builds your faith with 30 days of devotionals, videos, and personal help from a caring Christian.

Our Story

Years ago, before the internet was in your home or on your phone, Global Media Outreach Founder Walt Wilson was sitting at MIT when God sparked an idea.


"What if technology is the way to reach the unreached? What if technology is key to fulfilling the Great Commission in our lifetime?"

Walt pondered these questions and God provided him partners in Silicon Valley to build this idea into a ministry. In 2004, Global Media Outreach was born.


Since then, Global Media Outreach has become the largest provider of online evangelism and discipleship.

Millions of people have connected with Online Missionaries and Christians in their own communities. This was made possible by the prayers and generosity of people like you.